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The Discover Feed is the default landing page of Levi's Mobile App. In this project, I addressed user navigation issues by changing to a vertical scroll and designed the modules that live inside the feed and reinforce the purpose of it.


Discover Feed Anatomy

3 modules: Many specs

The Discover Feed contains 3 modules: Discover Card, Doorway Carousel, and Shoppable Social.

Discover Card


See it in action

Discover Cards are the main modules in the Discover Feed which allow users to explore app exclusive content ranging from artist interviews to DIY style tips. They can feature the stories behind collaborations and collections as well as the ability to shop them.

Tapping a Discover Card either opens up a scrolling editorial
(as seen here) or a product listing page.

Doorway Carousel

carousel final.png

See it in action

Doorway Carousels are secondary modules which allow users to directly shop products. Tapping the product tile opens its product detail page, while the 'Shop All' link directs to a product listing page for all products. 

Shoppable Social

social final.png

How it works

Shoppable Social modules are tertiary modules in the Discover Feed which allow users to view images from Instagram and shop directly from them.

Tapping the hotspot once opens the product title and price, tapping again opens its product detail page.


social example final.png
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