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Cell Signaling Technology is a biotechnology company that provides quality research and diagnostic products, most famously known for its antibody products. I was tasked with creating a video to rebrand them for their 40th anniversary campaign.


Cell Signaling has traditionally reached an older, established demographic. The company wanted to reach a younger scientific population, specifically post graduates conducting research. As a result, it was interested in launching a marketing campaign targeted at researchers worldwide in their 20's-30's.


To convey that Cell Signaling Technology is comprised of upbeat, youthful scientists who are not only dedicated to creating the best in class products, but also relevant in this millennial age. 


Paint points:

- Researchers are using products which are not high quality and not producing desired results. 

- Researchers are unaware that CST provides high quality reagents that will work in their experiments.  


I wanted to create a storyline that would be sympathetic to the pain points of potential customers. The main character has just used CST antibodies for the first time in her experiments. When she gets the results back, she is elated that they are finally successful. The CST products produced:






I picked the main filming location (the company's atrium) for 3 reasons:

- To display a real CST space

- To reflect the CST brand by mimicking the color scheme of the CST product box

- To showcase a bright and engaging space in contrast to the laboratory


Final Product:

CST atrium


CST brand pattern


After storyboarding every shot out and obtaining the necessary costumes and props, we were ready to film! Filming took place over the course of 3 days. All participants were CST employees, in order to showcase the collaborative and lively employees and environment of Cell Signaling Technology.

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